Interbeing – a seal of Plum Village practice

Sometimes I contemplate what would happen with the out-breath if the in-breath was not around. This is the simplest form of contemplating interbeing I have found. In the Heart Sutra this insight, this reality, is phrased “not separate self entities”. Nothing can be on it’s own. We can take this on as a challenge to contemplate in our Earth holding practice. Who is holding the Earth? I actually experience more of Earth holding me. Where do I end and the Earth begin?

I would like to introduce you to a talk offered by Sister Dieu Nghiem last week at Blue Cliff Monastery, the last day of the Miracle of Mindfulness Retreat. The chanting, the talk for the children with cookie meditation and the talk to the adults are all well worth seeing. In case you have less time available the talk for the adults starts at 37:32. If nothing else listen in for 10 minutes or so starting around 51:05, when our Sister shares about Interbeing and about taking care of the Earth body.

I am the Earth, walking on Earth. May my footsteps and way of life offer peace and healing.

Thank you for your practice – Br Protection