A call to our leaders to formally sign COP21 on April 22, 2016 in NYC

The COP21 Climate Conference held in Paris in December was an historic event of tremendous significance. For the first time, all nations of the World agreed to take action on climate change. We are now calling on the Leaders of those 195 nations, to  “Sign Us Up for LIFE!”. That LIFE is the future of all species, now so dependent on the follow-through of commitments made at COP21. We are individually asking our own national leaders to formally sign the COP21 Agreement on our behalf.

Mother Earth Day, April 22, 2016, is the High Level Signature Day for the COP21 Agreement at the United Nations in New York City, opening the 1-year signing period. The sooner our nations move forward on their agreements, the better chance we all have in limiting the suffering and impacts of climate change. We need to get our leaders to New York on April 22nd.

What’s the Plan?

2-Steps :  A) Contact your Signator for COP21 directly via postcards; and B) Build awareness in the media through (LTEs) Letters-to-the Editors of our local newspapers, church news bulletins, wherever we can get a write-up.

A) Postcards make an impact, especially when they are addressed by-hand, and signed personally.  All you need to do is click on the link below for our postcard in your country’s, or continent’s standard; download the pdf to a thumb drive; take it to a local printer and have it produced on paper thick enough for mailing;  80 – 100 lb cover stock  is suggested (216.64 – 270.8 gsm).   Print a few extras for your sangha and friends as well, and invite others to visit this webpage.  If you can’t get to a local printer, you can print them at home and mail in an envelop.

earth day 2016

USA Postcard     Canadian Postcard       European Postcard      Japanese Postcard

Address the Card to your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or State Department. You can find the name & mailing address on this official UNFCC List.  Just locate your country’s flag, click on the country name, and scroll down to the bottom.  On the back of the card, write in the name of your country, on the line; date it; add your local city or town name and sign your name by the Thank You.  Don’t forget the stamp!  Your post office may need you to add a stamp for First Class mail.

Special Note: If anyone has postal standard formats for other regions, such as South America or Australia, and wants the card in that size, please email with Subject as SIGN US UP card.

B) Letters-to-the-Editor (LTEs) are simple to do also. We have a sample letter here that you can download and use, or modify. If you do modify, keeping your word count to right around 200 or less is critical to getting these published. You can email these to Editors, and you should include your contact information in case they have questions.  Editors will usually advise if they will be printing your letter.

Act Now –  April 22nd is just weeks away!  Thanks. This is important.