Plant Powered Earth Holders

Dear Friends on the Earth Holding Path,
The Plant Powered Earth Holders, a team of people who are a part of the Earth Holder Sangha, want to support people who may wish to explore a more plant-centered diet. This is a way of eating that cares well for the planet, for our animal brothers and sisters, and for our health. We know it is not easy to change habits, especially food habits, which are so ingrained and so close to the heart, but we want to make it easier. We would very much like to have your participation with this short survey, whether or not you wish to make any changes to your diet. We will use the information to decide just what activities our team will focus on in the next year.

We would appreciate responses completed by Friday, October 7, 2016. Thank you so much!

Here is the link to our short survey.

Thank you very much for your input

Bowing to you, an Earth Holder in Action,
The Plant Powered Earth Holder team of
Marge, Joaquin, Aurora, Eve, Nomi, and Laura