Earth Holding – Second Newsletter

In the second issue of the Earth Holding Newsletter – Touching the Earth. This is the first part of Sr Dieu Nghiem (True Wonder) introduction:

“You may have seen pictures of distant galaxies. They are beautiful; they are colorful, bright and shiny. In our own solar system we have our dear Mother Earth. You may have seen a picture of Mother Earth taken from space. She is also very very beautiful. She is the only blue planet we have discovered so far. She has a blue sheen around her which is the french country sideatmosphere that protects us. I have a picture of her and I enjoy looking at it. Whenever I look at it I feel like spreading my arms to hold Mother Earth and hug her. Sometimes when I am out for a walk I actually lie down and with my cheek against her I hold her. I want to embrace the Earth because she holds us, nourishes us and heals us. She offers us shelter, she offers us food and medicine. The three essential things for our life; we call her Precious Jewel of the Cosmos. We have wounded her, but we can heal her. We can heal her by hugging a tree or spending some time with a bush, a flower, a bird, a rabbit or maybe a snake and sending her our love and gratitude.”

The content of this newsletter are:

  • Earth Practice: A Guided Meditation – by Sister Jewel
  • Dharma Sharing: The Practice of Mindful Energy Consumption – by Joy Lam & Hans Rosenberger
  • Sangha Action: Measuring our Carbon Footprint – by Michael Mandell from the Desert Rain Sangha, New Mexico

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May the practiced and shared experiences inspire you and support you in your practice.


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