Happy New Year – A Year of Collective Transformation

Dear People of the Earth, Dear Wealthy and Powerful, Dear Poor and Disenfranchised,

I am the luckiest person on earth:

I am sitting outside on the earth sipping tea, the morning is offering a concert of bird song, a symphony of wind in the pines, the sun is shining and the mountain is starting to be adorned with spring flowers. I have kind and happy people around me, great food to eat every day, a warm and safe place to sleep at night and if I need I have access to health care. Even more precious is that I have learned a way to live, which helps me treasure the conditions I have for happiness and well-being as well as accept and learn from the things in life which are difficult.

What conditions make you the luckiest person on earth?

Yes, there can be many luckiest people on earth, no need to compare or compete.

I am also aware that many people are facing immense challenges and difficulties right now:

  • teenagers on the verge of taking their own life because they cannot see any beauty in the world
  • young mothers loosing their children to famine and malnutrition
  • people working two or three jobs to make ends meet, not having time to be with their family
  • people working under slave like conditions to grow coffee and cacao
  • families living in refuge camps escaping war and droughts
  • young people joining the army or gangs because they cannot find another way of belonging
  • children being diagnosed and treated for cancer due to toxic pollution
  • children and young women being traded as sex slaves

There are so many people, human beings just like you and me, who are suffering so badly right now. They too want to be happy, to have enough food and clean water, to have a safe environment to live in and to experience love.

In the developed world we seem to have organized ourselves in a society which makes us very busy to produce and consume. We do not have enough time and energy in order to grow our hearts of compassion and our hands of love. Many of us are not able to care for our immediate family, not to mention people across the street and around the globe.

A New Year has come and how do we want to use it? We many times think that we live in a civilized world, a highly technological and democratic world. When we cannot look out for the people who do not have food to eat, when we imprison humans due to their ethnicity, when we are depleting natural resources, we still have a lot to learn. The good news is that our capacity for kindness way exceeds what we are currently experiencing. We do not have anything to loose!

When we learn to let go off our greed and share what we have so everyone has enough, when we learn to transform violence into love so everyone feels seen and appreciated, when we wake up to the fact that we all are connected and share this planet and it’s future – we will be happier and we will find peace. We will also know how to act in order to reduce suffering and to promote peace.

Looking into the eyes of a child, our heart is filled with the awe of life, we naturally want to protect and care for the child. Let’s look at each other as the children of the Earth, in this way we can learn to care for everyone as members of our family. We’ll need to help each other on the way and we’ll make many mistakes. But when we have found a meaningful direction for our life we can already be happy.

To help us out, let’s learn from wise elders in our human family. Two great resources in awakening people and society are: Good Citizens: Creating Enlightened Society, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Ethichs for the New Millenium, Dalai Lama

I will do my best to put my thoughts and words into actions – your brother – Brother Protection


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