People’s Climate March continues…

Dear Mother Earth, Dear Beloved Human Family

We have such potential for love, care and collaboration. In participating in the Climate March in San Diego last week, I touched that quality in everyone who participated. There was a lot of joy and kindness interwoven with the determination to let our leaders know how we feel. The day inspired me a lot and it is clear that it does not end, but that experience continues in the present.

During the end rally there was a group of religious leaders sharing some insights on our current challenge. I got an opportunity to share and this is pretty much what I shared with the couple of thousand people who had gathered:

Dear Mother Earth, Dear Human Family

Today we gather and walk in love for the Earth and her many children.

We walk to offer our love and courage to our political and corporate leaders. We know they need our support and not our blame.

Let’s take a deep breath, in and out, enjoying the fresh air.

Let’s feel the stable Earth under our feet.

The Earth: precious jewel in the Cosmos, the living breathing organism Gaia, is a true wonder and we are her children. We are the Earth.

Let’s look around and smile at each other.

Let’s connect with the love of the Earth and our shared hope.

We are aware of the immense suffering right here and across the planet due to injustice and climate change; starvation – inequities; droughts – floods; and so on.

Our World needs us to grow our compassion.

Our World need us to be happy with less.

Our World needs us to learn how to live together in peace.

We can help show the way, today and tomorrow by our way of living, but we need to know how to slow down and arrive in the present moment.

Here we can enjoy the wonders of the Earth, which will offer us enough joy, perseverance and freedom to be the change we want to see in the world.

We are here! The Time is Now!

(I also did remind everyone that September 21 was the International Day of Peace.)

mb67-cover finalThese days the new issue of the Mindfulness Bell is coming out. It is focused on Engaged Practice and Climate Justice. To learn more about the Mindfulness Bell, visit the home page.

May you have much joy and love in your heart as we continue to live happily and harmoniously on this precious planet. Kind Greetings Brother Protection


2 thoughts on “People’s Climate March continues…

  1. Dear Brother, thanks so much for sharing here what you shared with those gathered in San Diego at the Climate March there. Wonderful! What a powerful, inspiring and nourishing message.

    As I joined with other members from our PV tradition at the March in NYC – and indeed with thousands beside us in the Groups of Faith contingent – I felt renewed hope for the future, and a lightening in my own steps. We carried a banner with our Teacher’s picture & his words, ” The future of All life depends on our mindful steps” . It seemed that hundreds stopped us along the march to take a photo of the banner. Our Teacher has indeed touched many, and his teaching is so clear for this critical moment. _()_

  2. Dear Brother Protection, This is such a beautiful message, one filled with peace, joy and love of our precious Mother Earth. It’s a wonderful reminder that we need to smile to one another as we do the work needed to care for ourselves and for our home. It is not be angry demonstrations or criticizing our leaders that we will bring about transformation, but by being peace, caring for ourselves and one another and moving gently to change the way we walk on Earth. In gratitude, Marge

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