Earth Holding Newsletter – First Issue just out!

e139459b-2f29-4b56-8562-04c907c989ecThis is a happy moment. Time of sharing and deep looking has just blossomed into the first issue of the Earth Holding Newsletter:  Touching the Earth – A Newsletter of Earth Holding Actions in the Plum Village Tradition.

A group has been working to put it together and will serve as editors for coming issues. The intention and deep wish with this newsletter is that it will help us become aware of the loving actions that practitioners in our widespread community are already engaged in, individually and as communities, all in support of the Earth and her many children.

This newsletter can be read online – click here! 

You can also subscribe to receive it quarterly, click here to sign up!

It includes an introduction, a guided meditation, a personal sharing and a report from a local Sangha and it’s Earth Holding Project. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Earth Holding Newsletter – First Issue just out!

  1. Awesome & thank you. I’ve just co-founded a new sangha in Lancaster, PA; Lancaster Water in the Wave Sangha. Very exciting times!

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