Heal the Earth with our mindful steps and breath


We have always been one with the Earth. We are the Earth and the Earth is us. With this wisdom we can learn to practice to breathe with the Earth and to walk with the Earth. Only with this practice as the base, can we find the way of healing and preserving the Earth. With each breath of peace, with each step of Solidity, we can bring peace and solidity to the Earth. Peace and healing for the Earth begins within us. We invite you to support our Mother Earth right now in the present moment by sitting peacefully following your breath, bringing a sense of calm and healing to your mind and body. This is a great and meaningful gift you can offer.

This sign has been hanging in the Ocean of Peace Hall here at Deer Park Monastery since 2004. When reading it we can remember the many people, who have read it and is in the process to put it into practice. If we put these teachings into practice our actions of body, speech and mind will offer more joy, inspiration and healing. The full text can be found in the picture below:



One thought on “Heal the Earth with our mindful steps and breath

  1. These messages are profound and leave me feeling hopeful and empowered to care for Mother Earth. I see a path of planetary care before me as I read them and know that what I do for the Earth matters. If I come to my Earth activism with anger, despair, or overwhelm, I find I am much less effective than if I arrive with peace and my mindful breath.

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