Sense impressions and Volition – growing our Mind and Actions of Love

Happy Moment to all of You!

Thanks to several friends we have a talk on volition and sense impressions available on the DP Cast. Hope it can help support you on your path.

This winter our Holiday Retreat here at Deer Park has the title: Going Home – returning to ourselves, our family and nature. This is a very concrete practice. We need to set aside some time to be with ourselves, take a walk, without any destination, cell phone turned off, simply enjoying being alive in the arms of the Earth. We might feel restless and anxious because many of us are not used to just be without talking and doing something. When we follow our breathing and allow our awareness to shine upon the stress we are experiencing we can dwell a little bit more deeply in the present moment. The holiday season is a great opportunity to be there with our loved ones, family and friends. Hugging meditation might be a great practice to use as well. Before you hug you look the other person in the eye, bow if both people would benefit from that. You can open your arms and embrace the other person and come back to your breathing. For three breaths you continue the meditation and can use the following phrases to stay present.

  1. Breathing in: I know I am alive. Breathing out: I am recognize the wonder of life in this moment.
  2. Breathing in: I know that X are alive in my arms. Breathing out: I am aware that X’s presence in my life is a gift.
  3. Breathing in: I am aware how precious friendship/togetherness is. Breathing out: I aspire to live with kindness.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful holiday season. The Earth Protection Here and Now will go on a holiday break. Thank you!



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