Deep Nourishment of our True Selves

Hello Dear Friends! How was your Thanksgiving Day last week? I try to extend it to the whole week and then stretch it out further. To recognize conditions of gratitude and thankfulness is a deep practice and nourishment. It helps us recognize that we, our family, our things does not come from nowhere. We and everything are children of the Earth and Sun. Here is an offering of the new touching of the Earth lines Thay, our Teacher wrote for Mother Earth and Father Sun.

Mother of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and all Beings; Nourishing, Holding and Healing All; Bodhisattva Gaya, Great Mother Earth; Precious Jewel of the Cosmos; to whom we bow in gratitude

Radiating Light in All Directions; Source of Life on Earth; Mahavairocana Tathagata, Great Father Sun; Buddha of Infinite Light and Life; to whom we bow in gratitude.

Sorry about the simplicity of the videos, but I hope you hear the chant and can use it as a meditation practice, feeling the Earth under your feet, seeing and feeling the light and warmth of the Sun, recognizing how we interare. The Earth and Sun are everywhere when we start opening our hearts and minds.

Enjoy exploring who you really are! In gratitude Brother Protection


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