Finding the Green in the City

ImageWe are on a tour in what our friends often call the real world. After having spent 4 nights in New York, I find myself at a hotel in Washington DC. Traveling around I clearly see that it is difficult not to waste food and use disposable containers and cups when you are packing meals to eat in transit. These items accumulate, and remember it does not go anywhere, most of it ends up in a landfill, on this planet. I try my best to minimize and at the same time allowing myself to be practical and happily receiving what is offered. Arriving at the hotel this afternoon I was very happy to see that they will not clean our room and change our towels for the 3 nights we am here, a small way to reduce, which does contribute to my happiness.

Can we find a way to use our own cups at coffee shops and in airplanes?       Can we encourage our cities to install water bottle refill stations? 


While in New York some of our brothers took a walk along the High-Line Park, an old elevated train track in disuse, converted to a park which opened in 2009. A wonderful initiative of two locals transformed the old track, instead of simple demolishing it. Walking along grasses, flowers and bushes as the track bends between the buildings and billboards, brings a breath of fresh air to the city. It offers many places for people to sit down and relax, getting a perspective on our life in the city. When I was living in Stockholm, I often found myself naturally gravitating toward a couple of parks situated on hills close to my apartment as I was walking home from work. They offered me a space to come back to nature in the midst of the city and helped me connect with myself. This was a great transition from a day at work and a way to see my life in a larger perspective.

You might want to explore the parks and waterways where you live and reflect on how they influence your body, feelings and thinking. Offer yourself some extra time breathing it the life blood of these oasis. Then we can start to see the Earth in the bricks and concrete as well.

In gratitude we use what we need and make an effort to give back more. 

Our tour with our Teacher continues to Boston in a couple of days. – More information about this tour on the Tour website.



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