life on earth is a miracle – establishing a connection that is already there

All day long our bodies are in contact with the solid and supportive earth, but are we aware? Let’s come back to feel the contact with our body and the ground: through our feet if we are standing or walking, our buttocks if we are sitting and our back and legs if we are laying down. Bringing our attention to this physical sensation of being in contact with the earth, already offers us a refuge. We can let go of all our tension, worry and stress. Breathing into the contact between our body and the earth, is a concrete way of coming home to ourselves and restoring our connection with the earth. 

When we stay with this experience, allowing our mind to calm down and our bodies to relax, we can start looking deeply into our connection with the earth. The sky and atmosphere is also part of the earth. We know clearly that without the firm earth under our feet and the air around us we cannot be here. Breathing into the experience of receiving the support and nourishment from the earth and sky in this moment helps us to heal.

All day we use our legs and feet to go places. Many times we see our lives, our happiness and our fulfillment as somewhere else and we need to hurry to get there. The Buddha and Thay reminds us that life is available only in the present moment and that when we live deeply in the present we can enjoy the simple happiness of life, the breeze on our face, a blooming flower, the kindness of a friend. When we are rushing through our life we alienate ourselves not only from the present moment, the earth and our selves, but also from the ones we care the most about. This rushing has become a habit, individually and collectively. When we are rushed, we easily feel stress and the space and freedom in our mind and heart diminish. We don’t act as the aware, intelligent and compassionate beings that we are. We create a lot of suffering in our bodies and minds through this hectic way of living. This thirst for more, for the next, is also leading to the exploitation and depletion of our earths natural resources. It’s time to stop, if we want to have a future and offer future generations a possible to live and experience this earth.

Let’s take a walk, weather to the office, through the supermarket or in a park, allowing our awareness to dwell with our steps. We accept whatever feeling, emoting and thinking that are present, but we do not need to follow it. They can pass by in the spaciousness of our awareness and our attention keep returning to our steps. Our bodies can relax and our body weight sinks into the earth, with every step we arrive more deeply in the here and now. Our breathe can naturally become more rhythmical  going deeper into our body, restoring and renewing our body and mind. When we are grounded in ourselves and this moment we naturally feel connected with the people and plants around us. This lived experience of our interconnectedness nurtures our love and commitment to make decisions that will protect our true happiness and the peace of everything else.

Spend a couple of minutes gazing at a blooming flower, take in the colors and shapes, take in it’s life energy, open your mind up to the many conditions supporting the flower. Stay with the flower, breathe in the wonder of life and smile.  If not  now, when?    


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